Interior Design


Our projects push the boundaries to create relevant and appealing spaces and the team uses a bespoke approach research and integration of their individual skills to bring a wealth of knowledge and passion into each project regardless of size. Our company does exterior and interior designs in Dubai and UAE.

Our team loves to see our details and designs develop into reality and insist on being involved in every step of the process. Our projects are so diverse. At one point we build architecture projects, at the other we do interior design of villas and many more. Salis Design is driven to create beautiful living and communal spaces that have both form and function in parallel.

How we work – Our Process

Concept Design

Concept Design: Create “look & feel” and initial outline proposals and discussions with the client. Including design inspiration images shared between the client and the studio to have a better understanding of envisioned design for the project.
▸ Interior digital mood boards including material selection of rough and soft finishes that will be used throughout the project.
▸ Sketches

Design Development

The purpose of this phase is to finalize the design intended and reach the objectives needed for the project. Layouts and interior elevations will be presented with a developed detail designs, including finalized material selection and colors.

Final Design

A final package of the design will be presented to the client including all the mentioned preceding phases, this will be a complete work package which will include all the design decisions made during the Concept Design and Design Development stage. Following the written approval of the Design Development.

Tender Documentation

Following the receiving of the consolidated comments from Detailed Design Package, we will update the package accordingly and issue a Tender Documentation. Co-ordinate and incorporate agreed instructions from specialist consultants as appointed by the Client or The Firm, with regards to any operational and end-user requirements relating to any areas within ID scope of works.